I am a skateboarder. Believe it or not, I've been skating for almost 10 years. It has played a vital part in keeping me sane all these years. On top of all that, it's really fun. I have a few set-ups( skateboard lingo for complete skateboards). I've learned throughout my life that most boards are the same. Brand names rarely mean anything, it's all about the SHAPE of the board that matters. ANTI-HERO skateboards make the best shape for skateboarding both ramps and street by far. STEREO also makes good decks. Jason Lee of 'My Name is Earl" fame on NBC is the co-captain of the team. Iforget this is the same guy who was Banky and Brodie in the Kevin Smith movies, and revolutionized skateboarding. He was a pioneer of smooth techincal style. I think it was the quality decks made at STEREO skateboards that gave Mr. Lee his competeive edge... okay do I get my money now?

John Cardiel (left) and Tony Trujillo (right)(photobucket) skate for ANTI-HERO skateboards are probably the two greatest skaters alive today. After skating for all these years, I wish I was good enough so people would believe me... (sigh). I'm getting back on my board again.. at 24 years old, I still have time before my knees give out and and I can't go back. Jason Lee and John Cardiel are my inspirations for skateboarding. Jason Lee left at a young age, and came back in his 30's to prove that style only gets better with age. John Cardiel, was hit by a trailer while on tour with Anti Hero Skateboards. He was paralyzed and doctors told hem he would never walk again. John said "fuck you doc!" After rehabilitaion, John Cardiel is back on a skateboard. He is a legend in the industry for having a hardcore style of skating and grinding pool coping and hadrails like no other. He's an even bigger legend now that he has defied medical science.

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