About Me

My name is Joe Torres and I am currently a student at Texas State University. I am a Print Journalism senior and I will be graduating in May. In my college career, I have developed a lot of new interests and skills. HTML coding is coming along nicely (hence the website). I just learned to apply CSS and use Dreamweaver.

I play bass in a punk/ska band called the Romeros. We have one song recorded and it's not even the original line up. I think we'll get there at some point. I have also taken an immediate liking to film. I have made one short film in my life and it was a disaster. Since then, I've taken proper steps so that I can step behind and in front of the camera again. I've been writing scripts with hopes to submit to the Austin Film Festival.

Let me start by explaining what a suburban rooster is...

A suburban rooster is a rooster who resides in the suburbs. It is also the name of my production company...(no laughing)

Well, future production company. I haven't exactly started it yet. I'm working on various projects that are in various stages of development. We'll dabble in numerous genres of media here. Music and Film are the two big ones. I will use this site to introduce myself, my team and our stuff. I'll be updating often. I'll link all my sites at some point.

Here are links to places I frequent on the web...

Rooserteeth.com - a great site for your machinima needs.
wga.org - Writer's Guild of America.
UFC.com - Ultimate Fighting Championship. I'm going into training in May.